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Our Mission

At Stay Calm and Parent On, I strive to show the positive side of parenting by sharing my joy in motherhood and the tips that help me to support my own babies’ and many others individual needs. I believe the amount of conflicting information there is, can make many parents feel stressed and takes away some of the joy we feel when we are spending time with our babies. I am here to remind parents to follow their instincts and support their children by following their cues. I will share tips and encouragement that can work well for many, but also will be here to remind you that maybe what works for your friend, doesn’t work for you and that is 100% ok!

Meet Anna

Anna is the proud founder of Stay Calm and Parent On. She has been working with infants and young children her entire life and was frequently dubbed “the baby whisperer” by family and friends, ever since she was a young teenager. Anna received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Hampshire in Family Studies concentrating on the Young Child. She also completed their P-3 teaching program and received her license to teach through 3 rd grade. Anna worked professionally in the childcare field for 10 years. She loves to support parents by working with their infants and toddlers in all general areas. She specializes in sleep support by focusing on your baby's needs, as well as potty training and creating a smooth transition out of diapers. She also enjoys creating fun learning activities for young toddlers and preschoolers.

Anna has been a stay-at-home mom for a few years and feels beyond blessed to have 5 kids with her husband Richard. In their spare time the whole family loves being at the lake and doing just about anything outdoors. Growing up, Anna was a ballerina and now enjoys sharing that with her oldest daughter who is learning at home!

Anna is so happy you are here and is pleased to answer any questions regarding infant/toddler that you may have. She has missed supporting families and answering their questions since she has been home full time and is very excited to share her knowledge with you.

Thank you for visiting Stay Calm and Parent On!

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Stay Calm & Parent On Blog


Postpartum Planning & Support

I am here to help set up a plan for how you want your postpartum experience to go. Whatever you have worries about, we can plan out how to work through different situations and get you the best postpartum experience. I also offer support after baby arrives to answer questions and offer
encouragement. There is a lot of information out there, but each experience is individual. I will be there to support you in what you need help with and answer questions in 
regards to baby!

Sleep Support

I offer guidance and insight to your baby or toddlers sleep and how to encourage better sleep by supporting them and their needs! We can start with a plan for when baby is born, help a tired baby get back on track, or work through regressions and big transitions. I help support babies to better sleep, without the training, by supporting their needs and meeting your goals and wishes as their parents. Sometimes we need more sleep, and sometimes we just need support and encouragement, and I am
here for either!

Potting Training

Potty training can be a huge stressor for parents and child but it doesn’t have to be. With my method of potty training, I can help you to support and encourage your child in using the toilet and gently make the transition from diapers to underwear.
(With little to no sugary treats!)

Custom Plan

Don't see a price point or a time frame in one of my other plans that works for you? Have other questions not related to sleep or potty training? This is the plan for you! Contact me so we can chat about your needs and set up the plan that works best!


Here's What Parents Say!

“Thank you so much for all of your information. I so wish you had this page when I was expecting my
first. I followed way too many accounts that gave me a lot of anxiety and not much help…”

“This was so helpful! I wish I knew about this before!”

“Tried your recommendation and he took one earlier from his dad.

Thank you!”

“I’ve submitted a couple of questions about feeding and naptime to Stay Calm and Parent On. Mostly,
they are situations where I think I know what to do, but I’m looking for a vote of confidence to make the
adjustments my son needs in his schedule. Anna has been great at responding quickly, and provides a
few perspectives so that I feel comfortable knowing there’s not necessarily one “right way” or that I’m
not going to break my baby. Thank you for being available and for being so helpful!”

“Very helpful tidbits. Thank you!!”

“I tried this tonight and we had success! This needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Posted
everywhere….Thank you!”

“You really helped me to get my 3 month old to take a bottle!”

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